20 July 2010

The first 39 Followers

I'm a little bit sad because I got only 6 votes on my poll. From now on, I'll welcome my new followers and I hope the first 39 don't mind to be welcomed en bloc - or shall I say on blog?
I'm really delighted at every comment and every follower and I visit all your blogs. I'm looking forward to have 100 followers - because I'd love to toss up a giveaway.

Welcome to my blog
04. Mini-babies – unfortunately I don’t see a website. So if you have one – please let me know (if you like)
20. Christel Jensen - http://christeljensen.blogspot.com/
36. Lainies Little Things - http://lainieslittlethings.blogspot.com/

I'm sure you know a lot of these blogs, but if not - go and visit them. There are so many "great" miniatures to be seen. And please leave comments on the blogs.

Comments are the fuel to keep a blog running.


  1. Thank you Andrea!! I completely missed your poll - sorry! :(

  2. Well it takes time to get a lot of followers, just hang in there and they will come.

    I had a few people then all of a sudden I had loads!

    I remember my very first post, it was to no one lol! it felt so odd, but I got a really lovely welcome, and lots of readers ever since.

    I have never entered a give away but I have my own one this month lol, I need to get into this more myself.

    Come over and enter if you like, you never know you might win it :)

  3. Andrea, same here...what After Dark Miniatures said. Seems like for several weeks my blog was basically a chat room between me and a couple friends, LOL.

  4. Liebe Andrea,
    auch ich bin überzeugt, dass Du irgendwann hunderte Besucher haben wirst. Ich finde Deinen Blog einfach spitze und danke Dir herzlichst für Deine vielen Anregungen und all Deine Mühe!
    Liebe Grüße


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