23 July 2010

More Souvenirs

 The angle of the camera isn't perfect, but it is difficult with the roof. I just wanted to show you the little painted shells. Perhaps I can make a close up of it today. ... .....
Yes - I add now the close up


  1. As always: perfect! What a eye for detail you have! My compliments Andrea!

  2. Thank you, Janny! And I'm visiting your blog and your shop often. I hope, I'll be ready with my roomboxes the next year and then I certainly want to buy some of your beautiful miniatures! The wicker chair isn't going out of my mind. Even if he isn't small enough for the toys house - I hope, I'll find another place for it.

  3. Andrea thanks for the kind wellcome.
    I love your souvenirs shop!Miniregards,Sonia.

  4. Thanks Sonia - and I loved your roses!

  5. Liebe Andrea,
    ja, der Souvenier Shop ist wunderschön und ich weiß das sehr genau, denn ich habe ihn schon in echt bewundert! Aber an den Miniknoten werde ich mich nicht versuchen, schließlich möchte ich nicht komplett irre werden und ich brauche meine Finger noch.....
    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt


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