20 September 2010

How Do You Swap - part 2

I met my Berliner Minihexen (Miniwitches) and ask them how they swap - - - and now I have a problem....
They all said, they got so nice minis, BUT most of them, they can't use in their projects. What a pity! And I REALLY don't want any UFOs! I swore to myself, that I first rebuild my old scenes in my new shelves, before I start collecting minis for a project, that is still pie in the sky... the only "pie" is the Toy Shop House, which I'll build the next year. It is "ready" in my phantasy... and I have a lot of toys already. They need a home!
And so I think I'd prefer a No-Surprise-Swap.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Andrea,
    I'm so proud and happy if I see my bears on your blog!
    You don't have to ask for my permission at all! :)
    Thank you again!

    Bear hugs,


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