20 September 2010

How Do You Swap???

Because my next show will be next year in May (such a long time...), I've got the idea to swap. How do you swap???
Picture from The Graphics Fairy


  1. Well...I'm about to do my first swap ever. I guess I'm no expert but this one went very easy. I met someone on a dollhouseforum and we started chatting. I mentioned I had never swapped before and we agreed we would try it. We've set a date and will mail our packages to eachother then. The swap is a surprise, I'm anxious to know if she likes it. I believe the whole swap idea is to exchange miniatures with an element of surprise. Sometimes there's a theme like a season or color or making an item for a special occasion or room in the house. Hope this info helps, good luck!

  2. I have never swapped, I think it would be fun!!

  3. I can participate, by when the swap?

  4. I would also love to make an exchange with you. It would be exciting to have a surprice mail during this autumn. Let me know if you would like to make the swap so we can talk more by email.

  5. I am new to swaping too but I would love to participate in a miniatures one.


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