12 October 2010

Sunset at the Baltic Sea

I hope, you can see this video. My sister in law and I were the only ones on the beach at this time and the sunset was really spectacular.
And here the caretaker of the appartment is cleaning the window, because a seagull decorated the glas with 2 huge blots of .... - you know, what I mean....
The porch is glassed-in and we couldn't open the windows to clean them - so he came to allow an undisturbed view. I LOVE to sit there and to have an 1-hour-breakfast!


  1. I can see the video just fine Andrea - That sunset is stunning. What a view you had! Sigh, I need a vacation.

  2. Que gusto toda la playa para vosotras dos y con esa maravillosa puesta de sol.
    Gracias por compartirlo.
    Besitos, May

  3. I can see the video as well. A beautiful sunset ... but you look a tad chilly!

    Glad you had a good time.



  4. Dear Tom - that's my sister in law, who looks so chilly - I'm a hotblood - LOL.

  5. Liebe Andrea,
    ich freue mich, dass ihr ein paar so schöne Tage hattet und nach dem ........entfernen auch wieder den totalen Durchblick. Ein wundervolles "halb Panorama" - und mal ganz ehrlich, Bob Ross übertreibt nicht!
    Sehr, sehr schön!
    Ganz liebe Grüße


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