25 March 2011

First Minis for Sale

The last days I worked at the laptop from dusk till dawn. First I made a blog for a friend of mine, who has not a frigging idea, how to do it. Maria tells fairytales and I think it was time for her to present herself in the www. This is her blog.
And now

I have a new blog, where I present my miniatures for sale. 
I would be happy, if you visit me there and have a look. Do you like the new layout of my blogs???  You find me now on ETSY.

In the next days, I'll try to make more cushions.Which subject would you like most? Roses, cats, chicken, plain vichy, dots, modern style.....?????? Questions upon questions...
You can choose more than one answer:

1 comment:

  1. Your cushion s are fantastic.I love the vichy with chicken!They perfect for country style!LOVELY!
    Hugs from Roma


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