4 March 2011

My Medinilla

Finally my Medinilla. It took me 9 hours to make it. But now I'm quite happy with the result.
Because the leaves are so very special, I painted them. These are watercolours from Windsor & Newton and Schmincke - my favorite brands. They are higly non-fading and the paper is acid-free. So the colours will last a long time. I'm always trying to make my miniatures with the best materials I can get. It would be too annoying to put a lot of time in a project and then to see it "fade away".


  1. WOW! Absolutely stunning :)

  2. Very nice Andrea. All the ladies did a good job on what looked to be a very challenging project.

    Re: using the acid free paper. Years ago, when I first learned to make paper roses, I used a pink envelope for the petals. Now, almost 16 years later, they have faded and changed from a bright pink to a pale amber. Artists must always think to the future when it comes to chooing materials that will last over time.


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