10 June 2011

Bye, bye...

Today I just wanted to say bye! till middle of July. I'm really in need of a holiday and we'll be away for a minimum of 3 weeks. Very good friends of us will stay at our home for the time, so the cats have great catsitters.
This is the view we'll have for the next time. Isn't it wonderful? I packed one suitcase with books and some materials for miniatures (another, but smaller suitcase). Perhaps I'll be in the mood to work on some ideas I've got in the last days. But it would be also okay, if I'm just LAZY!
And before I go: THANKS A LOT for all the nice comments in the last days!
Have a wonderful time

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  1. ((ANDREA)) LUCKY YOU!!!!! What a wonderful place to have a Holiday! Italy???? I love the photo! Have a great time!!


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