26 March 2012

Amethyst Druse

Here is the promised picture of the amethyst druse (geode). I hope the squirrel is careful with the doubleflamed oil lamp and won't burn ots tail. They are always frolicing through the shelves and I can't stop them.Have a wonderful day


  1. Oh, THAT is Very special and Lovely!!! Wish I could come see all your gems! And your lamp is very clever!!! Are those grain of rice bulbs?
    Of course, the Squirrels are Enchanting! I am enjoying this shop Very much!!!

  2. Dear daydreamer - I'm happy, you like my "shop". It's not only the shop of my Nice Witch, but also her home. And there will be a lot of animals who are looking for help (I have to make a lot of them this year...). She cures them for free, so she has always a lot of work. In the moment, she is sitting on her red seat with a black and white cat on her lap. But I can't show her, because she is still half naked. I'm still not sure, what a dress she'll get. I don't know, what grain of rice bulbs are... but the lamps work with SMD and they are only 1mm in diameter. Absolutely great for miniatures.
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Andrea,
    I'm fell in love with these sweet squirrels, they are absolutely beautiful! other things are also great, but I just can not take my eyes off of these tiny animals!


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