25. Juni 2012


This weekend I made some wooden carts. The little boy from Penny inspired me so much, that I'll make a lot of miniatures for children in the next time. Now I have to decide, which one I'll keep and which I'll take to the next show...I forgot to add a Euro cent..... again... The carts are 2,5 x 3cm.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Andrea, you made so beautiful carts, I really like these.

  2. Locely carts, perhaps you can make some wooden blocks in it! they remember me of my childhood: my cart had colored blocks :D!
    Greetings, Ilona

    1. Thanks a lot, Ladies.
      Ilona - I'm working on wooden blocks and will make a smaller cart for them (and boxes). I also had these as a child and it's a MUST for my miniature scene. My husband had a box of stone bricks as a child, and I'm trying to make one for the little boy from Penny. It's so much fun to think of ways to make them as perfect as possible.
      Greetings, Andrea

  3. Un gran trabajo con esos preciosos carritos.
    besitos ascension

  4. Liebe Andrea,
    mal wieder zauberhaft! Passt da nicht auch der Teddy rein?
    Liebe Grüße


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