27 July 2012

Something for Me and Luzi

I have so many needles. which I wanted to organize since years - oops - yes, I have to admitt, that sometimes I adjust to chaos, when I'm on the other hand a very tidy person.
Perhaps I haven't done the needle project, because I've had no inspiration. But when I saw the tutorial from Alicia Thommas on sew4home - I knew THAT'S IT!
Perhaps I'll try to make it in mini too.
Luzi saw it and because her great love was Maurice - a black and white male cat - we came to terms. Something that doesn't happen often. Most of the time we have to argue about interior decorations (wallpaper), cat food quality (organic cat food is unacceptable!) or the new sleeping place on top of the clean and just ironed washing pile....

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  1. Love the pincushion, Andrea! This catface makes me smile :D!


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