25. April 2013

Apeldoorn - Gerd Felka

BAAAAAD picture. Sorry for that - I'll try it again with my new light box I'm working on. I bought these old fashioned hyacinth glasses from Gerd Felka.

HA! I'm ready with my light box. This is the new picture. Now I can take pictures in the evening (when I have time) and the weather doesn't matter too. Great.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Oh, these are such a pretty shape and are so vintage looking! Very well chosen! Are you going to fill them with flowers or leave them empty?


  2. Yes, Elizabeth
    I want to make hyacinths for the vases. I hope, they'll look pretty in my window to the conservatory.

  3. Dos piezas fantásticas , sus formas son preciosas, felicidades:-)

  4. WOW Andrea, these vases are awesome. Thanks for mentioning the name of the person, who has made them. I was looking for these vases since long.
    Your pictures are fantastic now :D!


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