1 March 2014

KDF Collection 2014 - Jack in the Box Mouse

A few month ago I prepared some boxes for Jacks in the Box. I wanted to make a Halloween JiB and an Alice in Wonderland JJ. But last night, when I made the figures, I had to make a little mouse and today I found some vintage ballet dancer pictures. So she became a little waltzing mouse JiB.... In reality she looks much cuter than on the photo. But I hope you like her nevertheless.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Wonderful! I just love it.
    I know exactly what you mean about pictures. Things are always so much nicer in person. A picture just doesn't capture it.

  2. She is so cute, Andrea! You created her with such an innocent expression!

  3. Wonderful little mousie JJ, it is great work, Andrea!
    Pictures can't show the things like you see them with your own eyes, I agree with you!
    Have a nice Sunday!


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