4 April 2014

Pictures for Ilona....

 .... and all the others, who could want to have a closer look at my "wood turning machine with integrated dust filter":)))
I just fix the tube from my vac (he is hungry, Ilona, but I can pacify him) with a strong rubber band. I have the great advantage of a "supporting wall". In this case, "supporting" means, that the tube can't slide away so easily.
 Even if this great tool sucks a lot of the arising dust, I wear a dust mask.
I'm so happy, that I found this way of wood turning. First I looked for a lathe, but the only ones, that are really for such tiny things are very expensive. Watchmakers have those great machines. One day, when I used my little proxxon tool, I got the idea, that I could fix small wooden staffs  in it - I only needed something to hold it. So I bought the drill stand, that comes very handy from time to time.
Perhaps you already have these tools and now get the kick to try it yourself....
By the way ..... if you want to see the pictures really large, don't make a left mouse click. Make a right mouse click and open the picture in a new tab.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Oh how sweet of you, Andrea, thank you for showing your hungry vacuum cleaner with the fixated tube :D!! I really have to try wood turning this way on my Proxxon drill! I agree with you that the lathes are very expensive, at least it is for me, so this is a great solution for it ;)! I promise I'll wear a dust mask and a safety glasses for protecting my eyes ;)!
    Andrea, thanks for sharing this idea.
    I wish you (again ;)) a creative and magical weekend (whilst making wands ;))!
    Liebe Grüsse, Ilona

    1. You're welcome, Ilona.
      And I'd love to see results:)))
      Have a wonderful weekend


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