1 July 2014

Meet Cookie...

She isn't much more than a crumb, but she'll be a cookie....
8 weeks old and already the whole apartment is HERS - ALL HERS!!!
Rossi and Tulipe were so depressed and we hope, that she'll distract them.
From the moement she exited the cat carrier Rossi keeps his eyes glued to her. Fortunately the big ones are so gentle souls, we're sure, they'll accept her as a friend in a few days.
Cookie seems absolutely fearless and (who would have thought that) curious...
Have a wonderful day


  1. Ooooooh a new baby. Cookie is adorable. Congratulations!!!

  2. How sweet, glad to see something positive after your sad loss. She looks adorable. xxx

  3. Aw Andrea, she is so adorable to see, it is so lovely to see a new kitten in your house :)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. She is Beautiful!!! I am so glad she has come to your home! She will "wake up" the older fellows... but they will love her too!


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