10. September 2015

Toilet Paper Roll Toys - Animals

baaaaaaaaa - oink

And here are the two exotic guys. I really don't know how they're "baaing and oinking":)
Have fun


  1. Hi Andrea! I love the look of your tiny menagerie, you have made these animals look as though the Mom had fun making them and now the children will have fun playing with them!

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      it's not the Mom who made them, but the older sister (approx. 15years old) for her younger siblings. She loves to paint, to do handicrafts and to play music - I'm working on instruments in the moment...:) And because her brothers love her toys, she made a lot of them as you'll see:)
      Perhaps I'll make a very crumply one that's made by her youngest brother, but for this I wait till I know the perfect setting of my scene.
      Have fun with the next toys too

  2. Antworten
    1. Thank you, Monique:)))
      I'm lookin forward to see your announced posts!
      Best wishes


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