7. April 2018

6. April 2018

Halloween Jumping Jacks

As I now have finished my Easter shop project I can concentrate on the next scenes. There will be 2 rooms for kids, a Halloween and a Christmas shop. I start with some Jumping Jacks.
Have a wonderful day

1. April 2018

Happy Easter

As I promised for Easter Sunday I proudly present my new Easter shop:))) 
Since a few weeks I was working on my new scene and I'm very happy with it.
On the left side you can see some glas miniatures, that are made by my friends Rainer & Heinrike (she made the perfect "sugar" eggs). The rose coloured plate is made by Phil Grenyer.
The beautiful set of ceramic bowls in the middle of the scene is made by Elisabeth Causeret. Unfortunately I don't know who made the delicate lidded basket. It's one of the first miniatures I bought a long time ago.
The ceramic mugs and lamb are made by Veronique Cornish.
The white mouse on the red platform is one of the amazing mechanical toys from L&A St Leger.
Of course I added some of the always wonderful miniatures from Veronique Lux.
The bear (he smuggled himself into the scene by wearing a hair band with rabbit ears....) and the lamb are sitting on a beautiful wickered seat. I have to admit, that I forget to make a note from whom I bought it a few years ago at the KDF in London. This a shame, because it's really beautiful. The green glas bowl is also made by Phil Grenyer.

A few spots on the shelves are vacant - that's because I ordered some miniatures from Silke Fichtner (the old fashioned wooden Erzgebirge miniatures on the first shelf) and she asked me, if I could wait a few weeks. No problem - I'm happy that I'll get them at all. They are so beautiful and just as the ones I know from my childhood.
The wooden egg stand is made by Gert und Ans Vogels-van Nassau from VONAS Miniaturen
Except of the ceramics, a few baskets, the table in the middle and the miniatures where I mentioned the artisan, I made everything myself.
Have a wonderful day

28. März 2018

Bunny pullt toy cart with books

My tiny Bunny pull toy cart with Easter books. I love the smile:)
Have a wonderful day

26. März 2018

Little wagon withpaper-mache Easter eggs

The last days I worked on some paper-mache Easter-eggs. They also will find their home in my little Easter shop - displayed in a little wagon.Have a wonderful day

23. März 2018

Little Peeps

Since years I wanted to make a box like this:)
Have a wonderful weekend

21. März 2018

Miniature Grape Hyacinths

This is one of the first miniatures that I made. I added some leaves and a little bit of grass and gave it a new pot. It'll now find it's place in my Easter scene:)
Have a wonderful day

20. März 2018

Bunny with Flower under Glass Dome

My little Easter Bunny decoration under a glass dome. It will find it's place in my new scene.
Have a wonderful day

18. März 2018

Easter Glitter House

Another miniature for my own Easter shop. I love glitter houses - not only for Christmas:)
Have a wonderful Sunday

14. März 2018

Hasenschule - Bunny School

In Germany a "Hasenschule" is one of the vintage must-haves for Easter. So here it is - my tiny Bunny School:)
Have a wonderful day