21 July 2021

Final goodbye from blogging

This is my final goodbye from blogging. Because I like to spend my time creating, I limit my time on social media. From today on I'll post my miniatures only on 

 I added a lot more new miniatures, so it's worth a visit. Even some videos on Instagram, that are some fun:)

I wish all of you the best and hope you'll visit me from time to time there and leave a comment. That would be great!
Have a wonderful time and stay well


3 July 2021

Miniature "Crystal" Balls on Stand

I have one of these in my ETSY shop and here are the other ones. The future could be shown to your miniature witch or wizzard through these "crystal" balls:)

Have a wonderful weekend

29 June 2021

Horses Going Wild

 If you want to see these horses going wild ....  just click on the picture and make sure to enable the sound:)

 Have a wonderful day

28 June 2021

Vanished into thin air

This weekend I was working on my Flip Flop Game amd now I wanted to put it into my ETSY shop...... but I can't find it anymore. This is crazy! Do you believe in goblins? I'd love to, but I fear the games will turn up at the most silly place. This sometimes happens, when I have something in my hand and then comes a distraction like the phone, or I put it in a "safe" place (as long as I was living with cats) and as soon as I don't do this very intentionally, I forget it. With my glasses I'm really good now, since I have only one place where they are "allowed" to be, or I say loud "I place my glasses now on the kitchentable" or whereever. But the moment I don't do this, everything is in danger of getting lost in time and space. Do you know this phenomenon too??? :)

HA! One hour later: I found it!:)))

27 June 2021

You can find me now on Instagram

I had to look for a solution how to upload to Instagram from my PC. Now I can show my minis there too and I'm extremely happy to have 3 followers in the first 8 hours:))))

If it's easier for you, you can find my minitures on:




Have a wonderful Sunday

23 June 2021

New Yoyos

I loved yoyos, when I was a child. How about you?

Have a wonderful day

22 June 2021

New Circus Tents

I have been asked so often, if I make them again. So here are my new Circus Tent Toys. There are more in my ETSY Shop. The tiny figures are mounted on magnets, so they can be moved around.

Have a wonderful day

10 June 2021

Miniature Toy Drums

These are my first new miniatures since many years.
I was asked if I could make a tiny drum similiar to this one: 
Miniature Toddler Toy Shelf  OOAK  1:12 scale image 0

I made it and thought, why not having a modern version for a contemporary scene, but there is the problem with copyrights..... okay, when there ist a problem, find a solution. So it was natural to paint my own design. 
I love how the red lion came out. Now I'm thinking about new designs..... and I feel, that I would like to make miniatures again..... 
I'm very curious about the next months.
What do you think - shall I make more?

Have a wonderful day and stay healthy

It's been a long, long time....

I don't know, if anyone is still with me on this blog.
It's been such a long time, that I made new miniatures, but I had lost joy making them. After my husband died, I saw, that making miniatures had a lot to do with him. Showing him new ones, seeing his smile, having his support at the KDF in London and so on and so forth. I always made my minis with lots of joy and heart. This was gone.
The last years I had to redo my life and I took good care of myself.
During Corona I found back to another activity, that made me happy - drawing and painting. 
And then I got some requests via ETSY, if I could make this and that, which I did not refuse this time. 
I gave it try and found it quite relaxing. And 2 days ago I thought - why not combine miniatures and my artwork? Many years ago I designed these Funny Cubes for friends in 1:1, but also in miniature for one of my scenes (that never came to life). In the next post I'll show my first new miniature, with my own artwork.

24 July 2018

Working on new Paper Dolls

I'm working on a set of Alice paper dolls and these are my tools.In front you see the "normal" scalpel and then my micro scalpels and fine scissors.
Have a wonderful day