This is just a side, so that I can show
larger pictures of some minis for my ETSY shop

 Rusty Can # 1 is decorated with a prescious rose in light pink.

Rusty Can #2 shows a cream coloured rose.

Rusty Can #3 is the hearty one:) Cherubs are holding the garland around the heart. This would also make a nice Valentine present.

 Rusty Can #4 shows a dove with flowers.

 Rusty Can #5 has a bowl with blue flower on it.

  Rusty Can #7 is a very rusty "tin" can:)

   Can #8 will bring you luck. A pig is running through hand painted dots.
This can is NOT rusty!!!

Rusty Can #9 is decorated with a beautiful flower garland.

Rusty Can #10 shows a bouquet of flowers on magenta.

Rusty Can #11 - more flowers. This time in a tiny basket.

Rusty Can #12 is one of my favorites. An Art Deco motif on orange.

Rusty Can #13 for all sheep lovers (like me):) ...
  Rusty Can #14 ... and cat lovers

Rusty Can #15 - another lucky pig:)

Rusty Can #16 is perfect for an Easter scene. 2 white snuggling bunnies.

 Rusty Can #17 - an elegant blue one with roses.

And now the really tiny ones!!

 Rusty Can #18 - another flower basket.
1:24or a tiny 1:12

 Rusty Can #19 - a beautiful very tiny can with hens.
1:24or a tiny 1:12

 Rusty Can #20 -a plain rusty can with lots of charme.
1:24or a tiny 1:12

 Rusty Can #21 - and because this is a design I like very much - 
the Art Deco can in 1:24or a tiny 1:12

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