22 July 2010

A Brekkie for your thoughts

Perhaps you have some ideas what this tomcat is thinking....... His name is Rossi and he is such a cute little devil - this is no contradiction. He loves to cuddle - with us and with his sister Tulipe (french!) and his girlfriend Luzi, but sometimes, he has to act as if he is the boss - LOL (this LOL comes from the girls...) Perhaps he is bugged by the tiles. They are occupying his space. Unfortunately they need much more time to dry than I thought. So there will be a delay with the tutorial.

But now to the small but important things of life:
It's Summertime - time for the beach and bathing. Years ago I made this Souvenirshop. It could be at the Baltic Sea or the North Sea. The box with the surrounding isn't made yet, but this will perhaps never happen. It isn't as perfect as I'd do it now, but it was one of my first projects. I hope you like it nevertheless.
 Never before (and after) I made sailor's knots. I really thought, I must be crazy!!! (Okay - I still think so...)
If you like to try it yourself (and get the crazy feeling) - here is an animated tutorial for knots.
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  1. Andrea your souvenire shop is perfect for the Northsea, Nina posted photos of it for my holiday swap and your stand looks similar to all the little seats on the beach! Nice details, I might just check out those knots, never know when they may be useful. I love sailing although haven't been for years, but I also used to do macrame many years ago, they may be similar!
    PS. Love Rossi, he looks very relaxed:)

  2. Hi Margaret - thank you! Rossi sends his purriest regards.

  3. HAHAHA, What a pose!!! I think Rossi is contemplating life (or else trying to figure out how he is going to get away with doing something bad, lol).
    Love your souvenir shop Andrea! So many little details. Hehehehe - I love the seagulls on the sand behind the shop.

  4. Andrea, Your cat is so funny!! I LOVE your souvenir stand!! The colors you chose and the lighting are perfect. I want to shop there!!!

  5. Thank you, Patty!
    The stand isn't as perfect as it could be and perhaps I'll take my time for redoing it, because I really like the scene. I ponder over a way to install a sound to it. I'd like to hear ocean waves and seagulls. That would be great!


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