5 August 2010

Busy & lazy

I'm busy and lazy.... a new speciality of mine. One day I'm busy with the minis for Gießen and the other day I reserve for my husband and our friends. We have holiday season in Berlin and I promised, I wouldn't work the whole time. But the most important thing about being lazy is - NO LAPTOP! So I'll not post every day.
Oh - by the way. This "thing" on the pic is called Friesenbaum. A christmas decoration from northern Germany.


  1. I like this Friesenbaum. Very cute. :D

  2. I love it, like a skinny Christmas tree!

  3. Thank you girls! And Margaret - that's exactly, what it is. In former times, they didn't bring whole trees in the very, very small houses (not as small as ours, but the hight of the ceiling in "Friesenhouses" are sometimes less than 2m!!!...), but made these wooden construction and decorate it with ivy or fir branches.


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