1 August 2010

Cheeky Raven!

The first (and perhaps the last) bird I ever made.
Jana has a beautiful witch from Silke Janas-Schlösser, but she looks a little bit annoyed. So I pondered on the cause....... and came to the idea of making a raven and a shattered pot. BAD BOY!
You can see more of Janas witch on her blog.


  1. El pájaro es de casa de bruja ¿has usado plumas de verdad? parece muy malo. Clara

  2. Yes, Clara. The raven is made with real feathers - dark black with a shimmer of blue.

  3. Me encanto cuando lo vi en la casita de bruja de Silke.
    Te ha quedado genial, me encanta.
    besitos ascension

  4. Thanks for your welcome and I must compliment you on your raven. I am not game to make one myself, but dearly want one for my witch's house. I am searching the internet instead. So far I have tried my hand a making a kind of parrot. Won't do that a second time either and I still don't like what I made....


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