10 August 2010

Mensch ärgere Dich nicht - Parcheesi

This is the german version of Parcheesi. I'm extremly proud of it, because it is really in scale. Since years I wanted to make this game, but it always turned out not good enough. Now I'm satisfied with the result and can show it to you. I've made 3 of these games. One for me and the others for sale. But I have to think about the price. I spent hours and hours of work with these games.

And here you can see it with a 1:1 meeple...
Oh, by the way - the meeple is 2,3 cm high.


  1. Te han quedado fantasticos esos juegos, me encantan!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Nice work! I used to play this game when I was younger. :D Those tiny game pieces are superb!

  3. Klasse!!!!!!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. OMG Andrea!!! I can't imagine making those tiny dice and game pieces. It's awesome!!

  5. I love this play, it is very funny to kick the other out and win.
    You mad it very good.

  6. Oh je,setz das bitte auf eine Tisch,damit es auch ja zur Geltung kommt.Wahnsinnsarbeit !!!Liebe Grüße,Jeannette


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