12 October 2010

Back Again and Link of the Day

Hi Mini Lovers! I'm back again from my short holidays at the Baltic Sea and I'm busy busy busy.....
I'm so sorry, that I haven't had the time to check my camera for the pictures and videos I've taken, because I'd like to show you a beautiful sunset, but I have to convert the AVI into mp4 and I have to find a converting tool first. So I have only a wonderful Tutorial from anitarljb's Albums for you. Isn't it great? Check also her other tutorials:


  1. Andrea, the artist this dog and the tutorial belong to is named Susan Cobb. I know this because it was pics of her creatures I stumbled upon on the internet years ago that inspired me to try furring my animals. I had never heard of the idea until I saw her animals.
    I'm not sure if she's still making and selling animals, but here is the link to her website.
    Just thought we should give credit where credit is due. :)

  2. THANK YOU. Kristy! That's great! I was looking for her name, to ask for permission to show this picture and I hope she don't mind. So it's absolutely great to know her name now! Thanks a lot!!!

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  4. No problem Andrea! I didn't see her name anywhere in that album either, so thought it would be nice for people to know. She's got lots of great tutorials on her website if people are interested, and it looks like she accepts commissions too. :)

    Looking forward to seeing your vacation pics Andrea! :)

  5. Lo has hecho muy bien. Ahora está más guapo :)
    Aunque lo has explicado muy bien me parece muy dificil.
    Besos Clara

  6. Dear Clara, this is NOT MY TUTORIAL!!! Credit goes to Susan Cobb!


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