29 October 2010

Only one more

This is the shelf I tidied up yesterday. My ribbons had to be organized, but I'm a little bit short of space, so I made a rack and put it in front of some books, I don't need very often.

I hope, I'll be ready with my shelves this weeken, but I have the feeling that I'll find a lot more places I have to tidy up, before I can pick up my 1:144 mini. It's the same with renovation. I paint one door and then I see how everything else look by comparison. And then I buy a huge paint pot....  When I'm ready, I see the curtains need to be washed / I should oil my wooden floor / and I can't overlook the wallpaper in the corridor any longer - and and and.... Perhaps I show you this very special walldecoration next time. Tulipe took a fancy for redecorating it....... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh CATS! Why do I love them so much?!?!?

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