17 October 2010

Fleamarket in Berlin

Today my husband and I walked to the fleamarket on the "Straße des 17. Juni". Whenever you're in Berlin - this is the best fleamarket we have.

If I've had enough place for these wooden boxes, I'd have bought them, despite their prize.... But now I'm thinking of making them in miniature.

 Do you like soap bubbles? I do! This is a really BIG one! It's flying 4 meters high. Perhaps you can imagine the size of it.

And here another place, you should visit, when you are in Berlin. The "Schleusenkrug". It's just "round the corner" from the fleamarket. As you can see, a lot of people are enjoying the late october sun. After a rainy saturday, we had a wonderful sunday.

The food at the Schleusenkrug is excellent! They are only working with organic food and the cook is a champ!

And with this finding I was coming home. It's 58cm high and I'm dreaming about a ladys boudoir with cristal chandelier in it. Did I say, I'm working on some 1:1 project. I think, I have to correct this.
Yesterday we had our monthly Minihexen meeting and we made something in 1:144..... When I make something in 1:24 for Heinrike, I think I'm mad as a hatter. But 1:144...... guess what happened - I LOVE IT! What's the comparative of "mad as a hatter"? That's what I am! I hope, I can show you something of this tiny project next week. And what a happy coincidence. Remember the mushrooms I bought last week? The big one on the left side will play an important role in it.

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