28 November 2010

Meet Luzi THE PAW

I'm very busy with making christmas presents and because there are people who visit this blog AND get some of these presents, I can't show it to you before the 24th. But I like to show you the house for the cats, I made 2 weeks ago. It doesn't look in the least as I'd prefer it, but the cats LOVE IT!
Meet Luzi THE PAW!
Sometimes they are playing together...

And sometimes, she just makes a show for all of us...
And sometimes she's is just in her vandalizing mode....
I wanted to paint flowers aroud the windows, but I think I'll wait till Luzi teared down the whole wall. Then I'll make a new front out of wood. She's a little monster! But at least, she concentrates on this house and the cat tree. Tulipe prefers the wallpaper in the hall... she's the bigger monster!


  1. LMAO!!! Andrea, That is sooo funny! I loved all of your short films!! The arm coming out of the hole is too funny! What a great house you have made your cats! What is on the interior? a platform? Thanks for a great laugh!!!! Loved it!

  2. Hi Patty, there is a smaller box inside. You can see a little bit of it on the post from the 15.11. Have a wonderful day Andrea


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