12 December 2010

Do you know.....

Today, we had our monthly Minihexen-Meeting and decided, we all would like to make this plant at one of our next meetings:

It's a Medinilla. Does anybody know a tutorial for this plant and where we could find it??????
Unfortunately I can't show you, what I made today, because it's a christmas present for Heinrike. And she is visiting my blog, so you have to wait till she has opened her gift. I just can tell, that it's something for a witch or a wizzard. Heinrike had it on her wish list and because I didn't read her mail properly, I thought she wanted it in quarter scale (that's what I usually make for her...). So I made the presents in 1:24 and when I wrote her, that I'm working on it, she told me, that she need them in half scale!!!! And I had just finished all the minis for her - arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Stupid me! That happens, when you are not concentrated and two cats are walking over the keyboard (100x per day - minimum!). So I made a fresh start. And I hope, I can make everything ready in time.


  1. I have nade this in miniature, there was a tut in the dutch miniature magzine, but I have to look where it is, if I do nit find it I could explain hiw it is made, it is a difficult plant to make, but so beautifull.

  2. This lady sells workshops of the plant, scrol down on the page and you will see

  3. Thanks a lot, Klara!
    The workshop is for a flower kit and we'd like to make it from scratch. It looks difficult, but we are determined to make them.... I'll let you see the results. It would be easier, if we sould get them in full size, but the flower shops are full of christmas decorations. Perhaps, we will have to postpone the project.

  4. This is a very unusual plant. I don't think I've ever even seen a picture of one before. But upon looking at close-ups, I don't think it would be any harder than a fushia flower...just a lot bigger!

  5. Maybe I could send you a picture of my plant so that you can see hiw it is made. I will look for the instructions this evening, if I find them I will scan them and send to you

  6. Tabitha, that's a great hint! I think, I have a tutorial for a fuchsia. THANK YOU!

  7. I found the article I will scan it this evening and try to transkate some essential frases + the picture of my plant should do the trick I think.


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