24 December 2010

Link of the very special Day... - Crechemania

I thought about the perfect link for today and so I want to share one of my favorite websites. Crechemania is treasure chest for paper crèches. And they have a lot of free downloads. Don't hesitate to register. They don't bother you with mails. I know it, because I'm registered since years. You can also click on the picture to go directly to the site, where you can find this motive.
Today it was raining in Berlin and then it was freezing. So we have ice on our highways. I hope, all people will arrive at home savely. 40cm new snow are forcasted for today. We will have White Christmas, even if they are mistaken, because the rain didn't melt all the old snow. In the next days, I'll not work at my laptop, because I'm dreaming of lazy days with my husband and the cats. The last days of the year are always important to me and I like them as quiet as possible.

And now I wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS with all of my heart. Have a wonderful time and may you find all itsybitsytinydinky minis under the tree.
(I hate this special noise, my vacuum cleaner makes, when....)

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  1. Merry Christmas dear Andrea for you and your family.
    I wish you a new year full of health and good times.
    In Spain we do not celebrate too much Santa Claus (although globalization is so strong in kids) but tomorrow we have Christmas lunch with all the family and on Sunday because we celebrate too the 26th. I will wait for the 6th January when the 3 wise men will leave us some presents (The Spanish Tradition):)


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