1 January 2011


I wish you a happy and peaceful New Year. May 2011 be a year, we all like to remember. Stay (or get) healthy and may the Godess of miniatures be with you.
The picture shows the view out of my window1 1/2 hours ago. We stay at home, because our cats are so afraid of all the noise. They are looking for my company and they like a soothing voice. Rossi, our Tomcat, changes into a real pussy. The 2 girls are a little less afraid. But I also don't like the heavy duty firecracker. I hope, our crazy neighbor isn't going to throw the really-extremly-heavy firecracker this New Year. He liked to throw one of them every half an hour till six o'clock in the morning. It's a torture. But I hope he changed residence. Till now, I didn't hear his speciality - so let's hope for the best.


  1. LOL...Andrea, It sounds like you have the neighbor from Hell! Hopefully he has moved!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!!!

  2. Hi Andrea,
    ich wünsche Dir auch ein glückliches Neues Jahr.

    Oh ja, diese Probleme kenne ich jetzt auch....wir haben neue Nachbarn, sie waren kräftig und lange dabei zu knallen! Leider schossen sie die Raketen alle auf unser Haus und unser Auto. Unsere 13 Jahre alte Hündin ist fast wahnsinnig geworden vor Angst.

    Gott sei Dank sind nicht alle Menschen so rücksichtslos wie diese Nachbarn!!!

    Lieben Gruß,

  3. Ein Frohes Neues Jahr 2011 wünsch ich dir liebe Andrea ,auf das all deine Wünsche in Erfüllung gehn ;-)!Ganz liebe Grüße,Jeannette

  4. Many wishes for a Happy New Year from me....



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