26 April 2011

Toadstool Lamp - and a question

Yesterday I started with the Toadstool Lamp. Something I wanted to make since years - and now I'm stuck.... shall I made flowers around the base, more grass or tiny toadstools. Perhaps you can help me with comments. That would be GREAT! Oh no! Again I forgot to place a cent in the picture. The lamp is 2,5cm high.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Ich würde als Basis einen Holzrand machen und ansonsten bemoosen.Eventuell ein paar Gänseblümchen :-)Aber halt so,dass das Ganze im Fairystil bleibt!LG,Jeannette

  2. What a cute lamp! Maybe more little toad stools?

  3. Hi Andrea,
    super ist die Lampe! Ich teile Jeannette`s Meinung und würde auch eine Basis aus Holz darunter setzen.

  4. Andrea, I LOVE it!!!!! What a darling idea! I would add little toadstools or flowers. Both would work. What a fantastic little lamp!

  5. Te ha quedado fantastica, a sido una genial idea.
    besitos ascension

  6. I think it is perfect as it is. :-)

  7. Thanks a lot for your comments. I think the wooden base is a great idea! I'm just working on it (I've one hour spare time) and in the evening I'll try to make itsybitsyteenietiny toadstools. And afterwards I'll go nuts.....


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