3 September 2011


For weeks I'm thinking about going to Etsy as seller. Now I need your help.
Because of the limited space for the shop name, I can't use AndreaThieckMiniatures. Heck!
Do you have suggestions?
I'd like AT-Miniatures, but I cant use the "-" so it'd be ATMiniatures. Not so good. You see the ATM and then iniatures. Please, please help me find a name.
Have a wonderful day


  1. What about AndreaThieckMinis?
    I signed up as my previous email name and did not know that I could not change it ... sigh!

  2. Hmmm, just left a message and then was told my google account didn't have access??? Strange, well I'll try again.

    I thought perhaps AnThieckMiniatures, or is that still too long? Or how about 'miniATures'?

  3. I LOVE miniATures, but it isn't available any more. What a pity!
    I thought about "AnThieckMiniatures" too. Sounds like Antique... hmmmmm.
    AndreaThieckMinis was on my mind too. As I say sometimes minis to my miniatures, I wouldn'tl like to call them minis "officially". They are miniatures.

  4. AndreaThieck&Minis AndreaThieck*Minis AndreaThieckDesign AndreaThieckArt AndreaThieck

    I think your name should be prominent. When looking you up on Google you want it to pop up as one of the first listed. Good luck! Hugs, Morena

  5. Liebe Andrea,
    geht denn ein Unterstrich z.B. Mini_AT_ures?
    Oder MiniaturesAT, kann man einen Punkt dazwischen setzen? Oder ein anderes Zeichen? Hast Du bereits eine weitere Idee?
    Liebe Grüße


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