12 October 2011

Thank you

Thank you for your nice comments and hearing my grumbling...
I know and understand perfectly, why Etsy likes to have the payment per credit card, but I just have none and I won't get one. I'm a hardboiled egg when it comes to this point.
Yes, I think artfire is a great platform, but I'd prefer to pay per listing and not per month. The items I sold from my shop are not bought via internet. My mini friends saw them and took them away. So I haven't made one single cent via internet! Patty was the only one, who wanted to buy some cushions, but I didn't sell them to her..... it was the time, when the giveaway was on the way to her (with cushions). Great seller I am.
Now I'm working on a more practicable solution for my Miniature for Sale blog and paypal. It's a bit confusing, and I think, I'll need some time to get it going. But presumably it will be the easiest way to handle it.
In the meantime - if you're interested in minis "Made by Me", that you can't find in the shop, feel free to ask.
Have a wonderful day

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