7 January 2012

Fossilized Snails

The last days I was busy making the stands for the fossiles I found before Christmas at my favorite store for minerals. I spend many hours looking for tiny ones, that can be used in half scale. It isn't as easy as one would think. They really have to look like the big ones.... not only like chips from them. The owner of the shop brought me all her "secret" boxes and I could rummage around. What a great time I had! A lot of the minerals I'll have for sale at the KDF - many of them transformed into lamps. I'm waiting for the LED in the Moment and then I'll have a lot of work to solder the tiny beasts (1mm diameter...).As usually I forgot to put a Cent into the pictures. The fossiles with the brackets are 2,5-4 cm high.
Have a wonderful Sunday

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