7 January 2013

Workshop in Aapeldoorn

I offer a workshop at the Dolls House Nederlande Show in April. Unfortunately it is announced as a workshop for making a crystal ball, BUT it's a workshop where I show a very easy way to work with SMD (the extremly tiny version of LED). I explain the importance of pre resistors and how to install the SMD without soldering. If you ever had problems with the electricity you can dump your anxiety during this workshop. And you can learn how to work with this fantastic opportunity for us miniaturist, that SMD provides.The prize is 65 Euro. This includes all the materials for the illuminated "Crystal" Ball Stand incl. transformer, tea, coffee and lunch.
I also show you how to age metall and if you have a small project, where you need help with the illumination - bring it along.
I hope to see a lot of you in Aapeldorn - and I'd be happy, if you'd participate. I'm sure, we'll have a lot of fun. If you're interested, just send a mail.
Have a wonderful day

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