11. Juni 2014

New Kitchen Paper Towels

I sold all my kitchen paper towels at the KDF and was asked to make more of them - so here they are. This is the work of the last week. Sometimes I can't believe how much time one needs for these tiny things:))) If you want to have a closer look, don't click with the left mouse, but with the right and open it in a new tab. Then you can magnify it. This way you'll get a really large picture.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Antworten
    1. Thank you, Hannah:) I know, you like sheep - at least one:)))
      My regards to Shawn

    2. I thought I wrote the sheep were my favourite, but I most have erased it, because they all were so nice =) but yes, sheep are just great =)

  2. Wow, these kitchen paper towels are so tiny, Andrea, fantastic work. Yes, I am sure that you will need some time to make them. Because of my love for cows, I love the ones with the cows :D! Especially the red and white cow (it is a Holsteiner?). My grandfather had these sort of cows on his farm.
    LG, Ilona

    1. Sorry, Ilona. I love cows too - but I have to admit, that I haven't the slightest idea, if this is a Holsteiner or not:))) I don't think so, but the black & white one could be.
      LG Andrea

  3. Teeny tiny farm animals appear to make Wonderful decorative toppers for these paper towel holders! Who knew!???? :D


    1. I love farm animals - and I always find a place for them:) I have a new idea for them in my mind....
      Perhaps I can let them on my blog pasture next week:)


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