18. Juni 2014

Work in progress

Not a new riddle, but perhaps you like to guess, what this will be:)
Have a wonderful day


  1. Hallo Andrea! Not a riddle....:(?? No I am joking Ü!!
    Uh, let's guess. I think it is a sidetalbe with a kind of wall part behind it. Above the table with two legs are shelves...? Something like that ;)?
    I wish you a lovely evening!
    LG, Ilona

  2. Something like that - where is the bandage?!?! You peeked:))))))
    LG Andrea - who wishs you a lovely evening too:)

  3. Shelf or something I don't know the English word for, a piece of furniture with shelves and a table, in one piece =)

  4. Hi Andrea, I am going to say whatever Ilona says! hahahahah



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