20 November 2014

A little Alice Theme

Yes - of course I'll have Jack in the Boxes at the KDF:) Here is a rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and some decorative cubes for the nursery with Alice motives.Time is running and I still want to make some miniatures for London. But I have to pack and to tidy up everything, so I come back to a nice appartment. But I think I have to choose - tidy up / making miniatures - because I can't have both:)))
Have a wonderful day

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  1. Hallo Andrea! Well, there's one thing you can do........I'll come over to you and do the tidy up for you, whilst you're making some last miniatures, hahaha ;)! No, I know what you mean, you must be soo busy for the show. I hope you still can get ready some of the miniatures you certainly want to make. Don't worry about the time, because Rabbit (here above) can watch the time for you on his watch and he'll warn you ;)! The rabbit is amazing en perfect work, Andrea!
    LG, Ilona


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