14 November 2014

Victorian Christmas Tree

I worked for weeks on OOAK Victorian Christmas Ornaments in October and then I thought I have to make a tree for them....
I'll have the trees at the KDF - but only as samples, because I'll make them on demand. If you're at the KDF and would like a tree, please contact me, then I can make one in just the right size and will bring it to London. 
If you're not at the KDF but nevertheless would like to have a tree, I can try to make it ASAP, so that you'll get it before Christmas.
These Trees will be sold undecorated or with decoration. For next year I'll work on candles (with light of course:) )
Oh - by the way. The height of this tree is 13cm.
Have a wonderful day

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  1. What a wonderfully decorated Christmas tree, Andrea, I can see that you've made all kind of different ornaments. This must have been loads of work, but the result shows wonderful :)!
    Liebe Grüsse, Ilona


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