4 December 2014

Back again:)

I hope you're all sound and well. Thanks to all of you, who send me good wishes for the show. They worked just fine:)
We're now back again from some nice days in London. I don't have many pictures from the KDF, because I had a lot of work - fortunately:) And can you believe it - I sold all my more than 120 OOAK Victorian Christmas Ornaments and all my trees. The next days I have to work on some orders.
A few of my Christmas miniatures are now on ETSY. If you see something on my blog, feel free to ask, if I still have it. I won't have the time to put everything in the shop right now. For example - there are some of my Christmas presents left, that I didn't decorate on my KDF table. Nearly all Christmas Crackers are gone too, but I have some open ones left, that I also haven't had on the table. All books are sold - but I can make them again.
At the weekend I'll post a few pictures from the KDF and the minis I bought...
Have a wonderful day

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