About me

Hello, my name is Andrea (who'd have guessed). I live in Berlin-Germany with my husband and (now only) two cats.
And I don't like sitting in front of the telly (even if I love going to the movies), so I rather spend a part of my spare time with making miniatures. And I promise, you won't find so much (text in brackets) in the following introduction:)

My Team and I

Let's start with my personal assistents - Luzi & Rossi.
Luzi is "Head of End Controll". And believe me, she's very meticulous.
This is how she looks, when she's not amused. You don't discuss with her:) So I always try to give my very best:)

Rossi is more "The Boss". Always looking after his girls (Luzi and me)...
His mantra is "Strength lies in calmness".
Not like his human being (me), who again(!!!) can't find the materials she needs...

And that's me .... okay, the picture is from 2007 and my hairs have changed a little bit more to the white side, but that's how I worked till last summer - Luzi and Tulipe always on my arms, when I was photoshopping, posting or looking for inspirations in the world wide web.
After Tulipe passed away, her brother now takes her place. If you thought, it's difficult to work with 2 cat ladies - no, it was easy-peasy in comparison to what I have now. He's a big lump of a cat:)

And this is my machine room... and storage place for cat food, cleaning supplies and and and...:)
It's very small, but I have a nice window, where I can put everything, when I want to saw, or turn wood for my miniatures. Even some of my plants can be there over the winter.

When I started making miniatures in 2006, these where my first scenes. Neither of it exists any more and when I see them now, I can't believe, that I had so much time for my own minis.
The kitchen durin Easter time...

the beach souvenir hut...

and the Christmas shop.

Now that I'm going to shows, I work mostly on minitures for sale. But there will be new scenes in the future. That's why I take a little break from the KDF in London till the end of 2016. But it's difficult - I think, I have to say "no", when I'm asked, if I can make a special miniature:)

And these are my other hobbies:
looking for heart shaped stones...

painting...  not  only the design for my funny cubes

but also something like this. It's really funny, that I make miniatures, but when I paint, the subject of the painting is always larger than in nature:)

Reading - not only cook books:)...
 being in my kitchen....

cooking and baking...

Last  but definitely not least - being with my husband and friends.


  1. Amazing artwork! It's full of heart and soul. I love the part with the animals most. Excited for coming back to your page next time! Ingo T.

    1. Thanks, I. - I know, who you are:))) Let's sing with the dogs - or at least the dog:))) I'm seing forward to hear her properly.


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