28 May 2012

My Treasures from the KDF - 1

This little guy is soooo cute. I couldn't go without him.He is from TEENY WEENY TEDDIES. Unfortunately Dave Pennant has no blog or website.
Have a wonderful day


  1. What a cute little face!!!

  2. I didn't see him before. He is so perfect! I think he could be a nice friend to your little boy...

  3. Sorry Carol, did I really forget to introduce you? Inexcusable! I must have bought him during one of your strolls..... and because he is really so teenie weenie I put him immediately in a box. I know he could get lost tooooo easily. And YES - he's perfect for the little boy (or his little sis???)

  4. Oh, ist der niedlich!!!!!!
    Ich bin schon gespannt, wer von den Beiden ihn bekommen wird ...
    Liebe Grüße


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