29 May 2012

My Treasures from the KDF - 2

I love turqouise as colour for the kitchen. So these potteries from  ELISABETH CAUSERET were a "must have". Also Elisabeth has no website, but you can get some of her work via Swan House Miniatures.And I added her label so you can contact her.Have a wonderful day


  1. Andrea, They are gorgeous pieces!!! I love them.

    Your little bear is so adorable....I don;'t blame for having to have him> What a great face. Is he stuffed?? How can that be done with something so small??

  2. Hi Patty! I don't have the slightest idea, how Dave makes his teeny weenies. They are so extremly cute. Perhaps he is stuffed with 1/2 cubic mm of silk - - YES, he's made of silk and sooooo soft. I wish, I'd have had a full size bear like him, when I was a child. I'd have cuddled him all day long...


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