10 May 2010

Lago Maggiore Reminiscence

When we were at the Lago Maggiore in 2008, we found a lot of those stone piles on the way from Ascona to Brissago in the woods. I liked them so much, that I made some for the garden. The stones are from the shores of the LagoMaggiore and whenever I look at them, I sea the lake glisten in the sun. And then I made some watering cans. I love turquoise, but I made also some in green and silver. I could watch them getting rusty, while I was working at them. Sorry - forgot to hot-galvanize them...


  1. this pile of stones are kind of direction marks. You see them all over the world where people live who don't read or write and nomadic people.

    Here you can read more about it. I have seen them in Djibouti - east Africa.

    Have a nice fair this weekend

    Mincka - the Netherlands


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