17 June 2010

Cheese Counter

I just wanted to show you my cheese counter from the Kensington Dollshouse Festival. I hope, that I'll have more time in the next weeks to make new minis and photos of course!


  1. They certainly look good enough to eat!

  2. What a lovely display, you will have customers lining up.

  3. Sehr,sehr edel dekoriert und es sieht absolut lecker aus.Am meißten gefallen mir die in den Schachteln,wo du auch noch das Papier eingelegt hast,tolle Idee!LG,Jeannette

  4. Thank you!
    The Camembert was nearly sold out, but I was astonished, because the cheeses under the glassdome where REALLY admired. Kevin Mulvany found them one of the best he ever saw - but I sold only one of them. Incredible!


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