13 June 2010

Délice des Dieux

Because I'm still working on ribbonboxes, I have no time to make new photos. So I show you the left window of my Patisserie "Délice des Dieux". The glassware is from Rainer Stadler and the chocolatebox on the left is from Heinrike Stadler. Everything else is made by me.


  1. I love your cakes, nice idea the shelves.
    I am making a bakery/patisserie too.

  2. Beautifully glamorous, a very high class shop front. Mmmmmm I can taste them

  3. Thank you Janice & Maria,
    Maria, I hope, you'll show us youre finished bakery / patisserie!
    And Janice, believe it or not - my husband is always smelling chocolate, when he is standing in front it....


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