30 June 2010

The Easy Version - Bow Making Tool

Look for a nice bottle of wine and invite some friends to share it with you...
Keep the corc and get rid of the bottle...
Take a needle (preferably an insect needle) and stick it very carefully deep into the corc.Oh - yesterday I said, that you wouldn't need any tools for this bow maker.... I have to admit that I overlooked the scissor - sorry.
So rifle through your toolbox and cut the needle.
Remember - the height of the needle sets the width of the bow:Gosh - I overlooked the pliers too.....
Again - rifle through your toolbox (perhaps it would be better to keep it near - who knows what I forgot as well....), extract the needle and turn it around.
Now dip the end of the needle into glue (as I showed yesterday) and stick it into the corc again.
You don't have to move the needle up and down as with the wooden bow making tool.
Let it dry.
I hope, tomorrow we'll find the time to make photos of the actual bow making!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I love making miniature items and make regular bows often, but my techniques did me no good. Now I know how.

  2. This is a great tool for making fluffy complex bows. The most critical element would be getting the very fine insect pin so it doesn't leave a big hole in the ribbon. Good tutorial, Andrea!



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