29 June 2010

Making Of --- Bow Making Tool

Today I'd like to show you the Making Of a very usefull bow making tool. You need:
1 piece of round wood
1 needle (insectneedle)
very fine drillI like to use my proxxon tool, because I have to place the needle very straight. Otherwise the loops of the bow will be irregular. When you drill the hole freehanded, try to make it as vertical as possible.

Take the smallest drill you can find and be careful not to break it. It's another benefit of the upright standing proxxon. I can lower it very sensible.
Now take your needle. I prefer insect needles, because they have a very fine tip but the metall is very robust.
Cut the needle with a craft scissor or pliers a in matching length.
The height of the needle sets the width of the bow:Dip the end of the needle into glue. I love Aleene's Thick Designer Glue, but every other glue will do, when it sticks to metall and wood.
Put the needle into the hole.
Move the needle up and down till the glue feels thicker.
Put the needle deep inside the holeRemove excess glue and let it dry.
Tomorrow I show you an easier version, where you don't need any tools. And I hope, I can show you photos of the bow making this week. But I need both hands for it and I have to wait, till the best husband of all has time to take the pictures...
Have a wonderful day!

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