1 July 2010

Finally - THE Bow Making

Fortunately my husband and the sun assisted and I can show you the making of the bow.

Put the ribbon on the corc.
Place tiny dots of glue on the ribbon.
I like this Planatol Glue, when I work with paper or fabric. DON'T use the "normal" Aleene's tacky glue. I like it very much, but it turns yellow! On lighter ribbons it could be seen. But Aleene's Thick Designer Glue would work fine.Fold a loop over the needle...
and press it firmly on the ground.
Continue the same way, but make sure, that you shift the ribbon around while putting one layer over the other.Before you place the last loop - cut the ribbon and turn it inside with a tweezer. Firmly press it down.
Pass the critical control of the chief supervisor...
 Put it on a gift or a hat.
Unfortunately I used a stronger ribbon, because my silk ribbons are so small, that it would have been difficult to take photos. These bows look much nicer and fluffier with silk ribbons!

You find the tutorial for bow making tools here (corc) and here (wood).


  1. Thank you for the tutorial, I am a fumble-fingers even with full size bows so this will be really helpful!

  2. that is the cutest thing ever!! thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Thank you! I'm very happy that you like the tutorial!

  4. Dank dir vielmals für das Tutorial,war bis jetzt wirklich immer zu blöd um Schleifen zu machen.Endlich hab ich es kapiert ;-))!LG,Jeannette

  5. Wow that would drive me up the wall lol! can you make me some bows?

  6. Sure I can make you bows!
    And thank you for yours nice words regarding the followers. I know there will come more, but I'd loved to have more reaction to this special poll. I'm looking forward to your absolutely adorable giveaway. Perhaps I'll be lucky, but the chances are meagre. I saw the enormoous amount of comments. Sure EVERYONE who see this giveaway would LOVE to win it.

  7. Making bows has never been easy for me so thank you so much for sharing this tut. Am I too late for the giveaway?


  8. Dear Leilani,
    unfortunatly you're way to late for the giveaway, bute I'm sure there will be another one (another time)...

  9. Vielen Dank für die tolle Anleitung.
    viele Grüße

  10. I use the same technique, only my base is an old-fashioned, rectangle-shaped eraser I stole from a grand child's pencil box. I had to take a small slice off one end, and used that part to add depth to the eraser, so my pin sticking up would be the right height and could be used to measure the ribbon for loops.

    Thanks for the tip on the glue. I have been using the Tacky glue with no problems, so far, but all of my bows so far have been red or green.


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