14 July 2010

Followers Poll

On some other blogs I saw that new followers are specially welcomed and I find it a nice idea.
I'm only a little bit unhappy that I now have a bunch of followers (THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I'm happy at every single one of you! ) who will be welcomed at one dash and furthermore much too late.
But on the other hand I'd like to ask, if you like to be welcomed with your blogger name and a link to your site.
So I have this poll and it would be very nice, if you'd tell me your opinion (poll and/or comment).

Tomorrow I'll come back with the ready made Little Red Riding Hood scene!
Have a wonderful day!

Added at July 29th: I don't know, what happened, but my poll vanished into thin air.
A majority voted for "special welcome". Because the poll isn't there any more, please leave a comment. THANK YOU!

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